When you depend on hundreds or thousands of full and part-time sales people, you need to communicate effectively.

Intelliverse understands the importance of efficient communications. That's how Intelliverse has become the leading provider of voice messaging and personal communications services to sales networks of all sizes. Our easy-to-use Intelliverse Messaging solutions improve the efficiency of communications. We'll help you get more business done every time you pick up the phone.

When you are new to Mary Kay™ you will need one-on-one training from your very busy Sales Director.

Intelliverse Messaging was created for busy people who need simple communications. Intelliverse Messaging allows you to communicate with your Sales Director one-on-one in the most effective way. There is no need to worry about taking too much of someone's time because with just a touch of a button your Sales Director can answer you back. Sales Directors can do individual sales training, recognition of an entire unit as well as sharing great ideas from other successful Sales Directors. Intelliverse Messaging gets you plugged into learning how to grow your Mary Kay™ Business.


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